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You may have been pleasantly surprised a few times recently, while driving down Hilton Avenue and preparing to dodge one of the many notorious dongas, to find some kind Samaritan has smoothed it over, albeit temporaril­y.

You may have even passed Hilton’s unsung hero on your daily commute, shovel in hand and signboard in sight, working along the main roads.

Come rain, come shine, from as early as 7am, and until as late as 6pm, he’s been spotted at this job that never ends, covering the village’s potholes with mud and stones.

The Hilton managed to track down Busane Ndlovu one rainy evening, still hard at work despite the weather. Ndlovu, who lives at Cedara, is unemployed and struggling to make money to feed his family of three young children.

However, he doesn’t want to beg, so he decided to do something beneficial for the community instead in the hopes of some small change in exchange.

“I don’t want to beg. I’d rather do something worthwhile to get money. I want to be helpful and show that I am not lazy. I want a job and I want to work for my money,” he said.

He has been filling potholes around the area for more than a month now. So far he has attended to the craters along Hilton Avenue, and the Hilton Gardens area near Garlington, where the potholes are especially terrible.

He will continue at his self-assigned task for the rest of December and January, and hopes that the community will continue to support his cause in the form of monetary donations or even a job. He also has experience painting and gardening.

He said an Amberlea resident had sponsored him cement to fill the potholes along Cherry Lane, and if other residents want to provide the cement, he will gladly repair potholes in other residentia­l areas too.

Although he does not own a cell phone, so getting in contact is not easy, you’ll be sure to find him hard at work along one of our roads. He wears yellow reflective gear, so is visible even in the rain and mist.

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