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It’s been a tragic start to the festive month for Hilton SAPS as they mourn the untimely death of one of their own, Warrant Officer Andrew Jackson, who was killed on duty while directing traffic on the N3 between Hilton and Merrivale.

His colleague, Warrant Officer Andrew Salzwedel, who attended the accident scene, said Jackson’s death was a shock that has left the Hilton SAPS deeply hurt. He was a highly respected and loved member of the police force.

On Sunday, November 29, Jackson was called out to direct traffic on the N3 between Hilton and Merrivale as there was a traffic backlog due to the road works here.

Salzwedel said it was reported that many drivers were making U-turns and driving against the traffic flow to avoid the congestion. Jackson was called to the scene, and while controllin­g traffic, was hit by a car.

Salzwedel, who has worked alongside Jackson since 2007, described him as a “no-nonsense policeman” who was well-discipline­d and took his job very seriously, but at the same time, who had a fantastic sense of humour.

“I will always remember him for his jokes. We attended many cases together and I enjoyed working with him because of his dedication to his duty, but also because of his ability to always make people laugh.

“He was committed to his service and serving his community, and dedicated to ensuring his community was always safe.”

A husband and father of three daughters, and a grandfathe­r of seven, Jackson was a “family man” who loved his family dearly and would always talk about them.

Jackson enjoyed a 30-year career within SAPS, being stationed at Hilton for the past 14 years. He was a first responder in the charge office under Vispol Policing.

He would have turned 59 this December, and was to retire at the end of 2021.

Community saddened at the death of local police offificer:

Condolence­s from the Hilton community have poured in on Facebook from people who knew or had personal dealings with Warrant Officer Jackson, all expressing their sorrow at the tragic news.

Tony Koch: Condolence­s to Andrew’s family, friends and colleagues. He was a part of our village and an asset to our community. Rest in Peace. You will be missed, Andrew.

Wayne King: A brilliant police officer and a great man taken far too soon. RIP

David C Balance: A true officer and gentleman... I remember once when trying to get hold of Andrew, I left him a WhatsApp voice note. I received a lengthy reply from his toddler grandson... RIP Sir.......

Rosemarie King: Funny and good sense of humour. You will be missed.

Dawn Malinga: Condolence­s to the family on such a tragic and unnecessar­y loss. I salute you Andrew for your service and pray that you will rest in peace.

Lauren Miller Haybittel Richmond: RIP Andrew. Condolence­s to his family. Thank you for your dedication to your job. You will be missed.

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