Im­pres­sive, un­likely and weird new Guin­ness world records

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GUIN­NESS World Records cel­e­brated its an­nual records day on Thurs­day, hon­our­ing a long list of peo­ple who have done highly im­prob­a­ble things bet­ter than any­one else.

The day of­ten in­cludes a Ru­bik’s cube solved in un­likely cir­cum­stances against the clock, and this year was no ex­cep­tion.

China’s Que Jianyu recorded the fastest time to crack the puzzle – up­side down: 15.84 sec­onds.

The Har­lem Glo­be­trot­ters, the US stunt bas­ket­ball team, gen­er­ally fields a num­ber of record-set­ters, or at­tempters. This year, one of them was Torch Ge­orge, who man­aged the most un­der­the-leg tum­bles, 32 – and at 1.6m tall, may also set a record as the most diminu­tive Glo­be­trot­ter.

Un­der-the-leg tum­bles are a sort of hor­i­zon­tal roll, sup­port­ing your­self on one hand while drib­bling a bas­ket­ball with the other hand, be­tween your legs. Do not try this at home.

An­other Glo­be­trot­ter, Bull Bullard, man­aged to sink the world’s long­est bas­ket­ball shot re­leased in the mid­dle of a back­flip, 17.71m. (A bas­ket­ball court is 28.6m long.)

In a cat­e­gory all his own was Aaron Fother­ing­ham of the US, who set three records: the tallest quar­ter pipe drop-in while in a wheel­chair, 8.4m; high­est wheel­chair hand plant, also 8.4m; and the far­thest wheel­chair ramp jump, 21.35m.

Fother­ing­ham launched him­self down a ramp and flew more than 21m in a wheel­chair. |

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