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Bacon and eggs, but at a price

- Michelle Pietersen Political Bureau

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of its parent body, the ANC Youth League has jumped on the business network lounge bandwagon by offering bigticket packages for access to all discussion­s and closed sessions during its national congress this month, as well as breakfast with President Jacob Zuma and youth league leader Julius Malema.

The league yesterday launched a website inviting businesses to attend the conference, albeit at a price.

Packages on offer range from the R50 000 Anton Muziwakhe Lembede Founder’s Package for one participan­t; the R80 000 Oliver Reginald Tambo Homecoming Package for two; the Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Volunteer Package at a cost of R120 000 for three; and the Walter Ulyate Max Sisulu Recruiters Package, which will set back enthusiast­s R180 000 for five participan­ts.

As a treat for those willing to part with their cash for the five-day conference, breakfast with Malema and Zuma will be included, where culinary treats will be prepared by “the best chefs in town”.

What’s on the youth league’s menu, other than the nationalis­ation of the country’s resources, one might wonder?

“From olives to bacon and eggs,” said league treasurerg­eneral Pule Mabe.

“It will be a huge spread, a combinatio­n of the normal English breakfast and African dishes such as pap, health breakfasts, muesli, fresh fruits and yoghurts. And halaal food too,” said Mabe.

He said the breakfast would take place on the first day of the conference, which runs from June 16 to 20. He warned that “seats were limited”.

Mabe said it was not so much a money-making opportunit­y for the young lions as a chance to “mobilise business behind our ideals”.

Mabe said the league hoped to use this opportunit­y to “build a link between corporate SA and ourselves”. The league would next take to Facebook, BlackBerry MobileChat and multimedia messages to market the lounge.

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