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Ding dong bell, mad as hell


LONDON: An angry pensioner trapped a group of bellringer­s in a North Yorkshire church tower after their continuous ringing made him angry.

The unidentifi­ed man is thought to have taken revenge against the bellringer­s after enduring two-thirds of a threehour peal of bells.

He scaled two flights of steps inside St John the Divine Church in Sharow, near Ripon, before peering through a trap door and unleashing a tirade of abuse.

Having vented his spleen, he headed home – but not before jamming the trap door shut with a piece of wood, the York Press reported. His victims, a six-strong group of expert bellringer­s from Abingdon, Oxfordshir­e, were trapped for half an hour before parishione­r Sandra Price heard them stamping on the floor. She freed them.

“The ringers were relieved to see me. They said they had been about two-thirds of the way through their peal when a man appeared, shouting and swearing. All they could tell me was that he was between 60 and 70, was thin, had an angular face and was wearing a green and white check shirt,” Price said.

Villagers are now wondering whether it’s the same man who waged a hate campaign against local bellringer­s a few years ago. A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police confirmed that a complaint had been lodged. – orange news

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