The Mercury

Now it’s Crotchgate


ANOTHER “gate” rocks the world. In the 1970s Republican Party spooks burgled Democratic Party headquarte­rs in the Watergate Hotel, Washington. The resulting scandal ended in president Richard Nixon resigning.

Since then, any political scandal anywhere has had the suffix “gate” inanely attached to it. In this country we had Infogate – the Informatio­n Department scandal that led to the downfall of prime minister John Vorster – and, in the current era, Travelgate, in which MPs fiddled their travel expenses. (This led to the downfall of nobody.)

Now there’s another furore in the US. A photograph, said to be of the crotch of Congressma­n Anthony Weiner, has unaccounta­bly been sent to the Twitter account of a young female student in Seattle, who says she doesn’t know him anyway – crotch or otherwise.

Weiner, meanwhile, says his Twitter account was hacked by somebody and is unable to say whether or not the photo is of his own crotch (presumably the angle is unfamiliar).

This is, of course, Weinergate. Surely a better name would be Crotchgate. traditiona­l Oz-talk obviously wouldn’t count. I think what they’re aiming at is really obscene talk – like about the last Ashes series against England.

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