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IT APPEARS that military confrontat­ion in Libya is far from over if the leader, Muammar Gaddafi, is not prepared to vacate his position.

Most African leaders are not prepared to intervene or ask this leader to step down peacefully because they have been his political allies for many decades.

Gaddafi has been using Libyan money to support liberation movements in Africa and elsewhere, and also assisting African states to develop their economies.

The interventi­ons by President Jacob Zuma, on instructio­ns of the AU, will not bear the desired results as the Libyan rebels will not accept a ceasefire if Gaddafi still wants to remain in power.

The recalcitra­nt Libyan leader is bent on clinging to power until he is overthrown either by foreign forces or the rebels.

The man who we once hailed as a hero is on the verge of extinction. It was laudable when Gaddafi supported other countries to attain their freedom and it is true that he developed his country socially and economical­ly to what it is today.

Neverthele­ss, he silenced his political adversarie­s and did not allow elections, ensuring his perpetual stay in power.

African leaders should bitterly condemn all those African leaders who do not allow elections in their countries, thereby occupying their positions for ever, against the wishes of their people.

It was meaningles­s of African people to celebrate Africa Day in May if our continent still experience­s these kinds of problems owing to the selfishnes­s of African leaders.


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