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Hats off to ANC man, from a DA voter


I LIVE in Glenwood, Durban. The DA has just won our ward from the ANC.

I have always watched political football from the sidelines, wanting (my idealistic version of) the ANC to win, but voting DA.

I guess I vote this way because, first, I believe the best game is played when both sides are strong and, second, the corruption within the ruling party is so blatantly obvious and so damaging, I can’t condone it with my mark.

But now, having made my cross, I wonder if it was the right decision after all.

The ANC has looked after Glenwood well; one month traffic lights are being painted, the next roads are re-tarred.

Sure, I’ve had to make the odd call to the municipali­ty about unkempt verges, but eventually I do get through to the right person and those verges do get seen to.

I’d like to apologise to the previous councillor, who has been thanked for his or her hard work in our area by having it taken away.

I hope that Warwick Chapman can keep Glenwood working as well as it has until now.



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