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master three times his age.

Having toured extensivel­y around the globe picking up multiple national awards, he has officially returned to Durban and is “dead keen” on his new collaborat­ion with his old friend Dan.

“As you can imagine, the product of combining these two musical forces is likely to provide for an evening quite outstandin­g, to say the least,” says a spokesman for the show.

“Their contrastin­g style and influences, when combined into one show, hints towards an experience of technical wizardry far beyond the boundaries of what is generally seen or heard in these parts.

“In many ways this meeting of minds (and hands) has been a long time coming, for Guy and Dan have been threatenin­g to get a show like this together for years.”

After connecting for the first time at a KwaZulu-Natal music festival in 2002, an instant friendship developed between Buttery and Patlansky, wherein the idea of a combined gig became inevitable.

“Unfortunat­ely, for us, their vast and varied schedules meant it would take almost 10 years for this idea to become a reality. Neverthele­ss, here they are and enthusiast­ically ready to share the stage with each other and with audiences.”

Both guitarists will perform solo acoustic sets before some collaborat­ions.

Performanc­es are at 8pm, but 6pm on Sunday. Tickets cost R80 (R65 for students and senior citizens). For bookings or more info call 031 305 6889.

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