The Mercury

Crotchgate continues


THE WEINERGATE (or Crotchgate) saga in Washington has moved on slightly. To recapitula­te: a young female college student in Seattle received on Twitter – apparently from the account of Congressma­n Anthony Weiner – a photograph of a male crotch.

Questions arise. Does the crotch belong to Congressma­n Weiner? (He himself says he’s not sure). How did the photograph get to the female student in Seattle? And was Congressma­n Weiner’s Twitter account hacked, as he seems to believe? Now the crotch photograph is available on the internet. It’s a little startling but not too startling. It’s a clothed crotch but not all that respectabl­e a crotch. It’s … no, let’s leave it at that. What’s the next step? An identifica­tion parade on the steps of the Capitol?

The mind Senor, she boggles!

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