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Zanele’s shooting star will be swallowed by ANC cosmos


HAVING served in active politics for 40 years, I believe that I can fairly accurately visualise the future of the newly establishe­d NFP of Zanele Magwaza-Msibi.

She is the new shooting star of the KZN municipal election. The party, on the date of the election, was hardly three months old, yet it made a spectacula­r impact on the KZN political scene.

I deliberate­ly use the expression “shooting star” because the probabilit­y is that the future of the NFP will be similar to that of Cope, or the parties of Bantu Holomisa, Patricia de Lille, Ziba Jiyane and others that caused temporary excitement after appearing on the political horizon. Soon after, they started to fade away into ultimate oblivion, or were sucked up into a bigger party.

The NFP leader was a prominent IFP office-bearer, but because her desire to be elected the successor to the long-standing party leader did not enjoy the support of the party leadership, she ended up in opposition to the IFP and received considerab­le publicity from the media.

Her subsequent link-up as a provisiona­l coalition partner with the ANC is a precursor to her party’s future assimilati­on into the ANC.

Magwaza-Msibi is likely to be compensate­d by being offered a future senior position in public life, as happened with Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Tony Leon and others.

Policy is not the deciding factor here.

Position is.

VA VOLKER Pietermari­tzburg

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