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Tips to cope with retrenchme­nt


SEEK advice from an appropriat­e specialist in the field.

Ensure that your medical aid does not lapse and try to continue with the minimum basic cover available until you can upgrade your medical aid again.

Curb your spending and do not incur any further debt. Approach your creditors and explain to them your financial situation.

Keep your CV up to date and your savings plan on schedule.

Begin applying and try to find alternativ­e employment. Your employer is obliged to assist you in finding alternativ­e employment and is required to give you time off to attend interviews and leave your employment early should you find alternativ­e employment.

Suggest to your employer that part of your severance package includes the payment of a re-skilling or up-skilling course.

Maintain a cordial relationsh­ip with your employer, as your employer is required to consider you for suitable employment should employment arise in the future.

If you become depressed, seek profession­al help.

If your financial debts become overwhelmi­ng, seek help with a debt counsellor.

Always maintain a positive outlook and remember that retrenchme­nt is not your fault.

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