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New labour bills will only deepen unemployme­nt



YOUR article on June 3, “ Youth jobless rate worsens”, refers. At least we are starting to recognise that despite all the government’s talk about the creation of 5 million jobs, the jobless rate is going from bad to worse.

We know that almost half of people aged between 18 and 29 are unemployed. We also know our minister of labour has said that if labour and organised business could not sort out their difference­s with regard to the proposed labour legislatio­n amendments then she would push the bills through to Parliament without consensus. All this must be read with the fact that the government’s labour advisers have cautioned that the proposed bills will be detrimenta­l to job growth.

How do you explain this to school leavers and university graduates when they can’t find jobs? Maybe they will understand they need to be sacrificed on the altar of “decent jobs” as opposed to receiving entry-level basic employment.

When people say that by proposing the bills the Department of Labour is merely “rearrangin­g the deck chairs on the Titanic”, there might be some truth in it. MICHAEL BAGRAIM CAPE TOWN

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