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1 According to one study, 0.5 percent of Twitter users capture 50 percent of attention on the social networking site. Financial Times

2 Golf has been a favoured sport of the Chinese elite since the 1980s, when Zhao Ziyang, the Communist Party chief, played at one of Beijing’s first clubs.

The Economist

3 A survey of US high school students found that 70 percent believe they have above average leadership skills – and only 2 percent consider themselves below average. Internatio­nal Herald Tribune

4 The average McDonald’s in Russia, at 850 000 visitors, is twice as busy as any McDonald’s in the US. New York Times

5 Russia’s per capita gross domestic product stands at $13 500 (R90 300), which ranks it 46th out of 177 countries – slightly above Brazil. IMF 6 The word “Levant” comes from the French for “rising”. Wall Street Journal

7 The average Chinese adult drank about half a bottle of beer a year in 1961. By 1991, consumptio­n topped 27 bottles a year. World Health Organisati­on 8 By 2007, the Chinese were drinking almost 103 beers per adult a year. This makes China by far the world’s largest market for beer.

World Health Organisati­on

9 The word “modern” is translated into Chinese as “xiandai”, which simply means “the current generation”. Internatio­nal Herald Tribune

10 There is no legal right to strike in China, but there are strikes every day.

China Labour Bulletin

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