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Probe after 2 cellphones catch fire


SEOUL: Samsung said yesterday it was investigat­ing reports that two Galaxy Note 7 smartphone­s caught fire in China, where the company previously said all phones for sale were safe and didn’t need to be included in a global recall.

If confirmed, the reports would deepen Samsung Electronic­s’s growing woes with the problem-plagued smartphone­s.

It has already faced criticism that its recall policies have been confusing for consumers and left them uncertain about whether they should continue using their phones.

Samsung said it was investigat­ing both reported cases in China, the world’s largest smartphone market.

A Chinese social media user posted messages on Sunday saying a friend’s Galaxy Note 7 caught fire over the weekend, and included photos of the damaged phone.

The user, contacted by phone, said the Note 7 was bought on September 1.

The man said the phone started to heat up and vibrate late on Saturday night, then exploded and emitted black smoke. – AP

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