The Mercury

Numsa’s Jim says RAF is investigat­ed

- – Roy Cokayne

THE PUBLIC Protector is investigat­ing the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for maladminis­tration, according to the National Union of Metalworke­rs of South Africa (Numsa). Irvin Jim, the general secretary of Numsa, said on Friday that the Public Protector had assigned a senior investigat­or to investigat­e the RAF for maladminis­tration. Jim said it was not a secret that the management of the RAF was shambolic and the agency was technicall­y insolvent. The RAF was hugely indebted and its poor debt management has had a material impact on its ability to fulfil its basic mandate of paying out claims to road accident victims. The RAF routinely has its assets seized because it owes creditors and members have often been unable to do their work because basic equipment was attached.

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