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Trump’s growth plan will mostly benefit the rich

- William Schomberg

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s economic policies risk creating growth that mostly benefits the rich and aggravates income inequality in the US, Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton said.

Trump was swept to power on promises of help for poorer Americans, but Deaton said his proposals to roll back regulation­s on finance and industry and cut healthcare benefits would mostly help corporate groups with political influence.

Trump’s plans to cut taxes and raise trade barriers, if enacted, might give a short-term income boost to some workers, but would not deliver the longterm growth that is essential for mitigating the effects of inequality, he said.

“I don’t think any of it is good” for addressing income inequality, said Deaton, a Princeton University professor, who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 2015 for his work on poverty, welfare and consumptio­n.

He was speaking on Friday after addressing a meeting in Italy of finance ministers and central bankers from rich nations, at which inequality topped the official agenda.

The political shocks in 2016 of Trump’s US presidenti­al election victory and Britain’s Brexit vote have been linked to widespread dissatisfa­ction with stagnant living standards for many workers, forcing policymake­rs in many countries to grapple with ways to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. Income inequality has grown sharply in the US over recent decades and the World Bank says that at a global level the gap has widened too since the 1990s, despite progress recently in some countries.

The Trump administra­tion says it will lift US economic growth to more than 3 percent a year and bring more manufactur­ing jobs back to US shores, helping workers. But many economists say growth like that will be hard to achieve with employment already high and the baby boom generation retiring in large numbers too.

Deaton said restoring stronger economic growth, preferably through encouragin­g more innovation, would help reduce the anger among many people who feel they have been left behind. – Reuters

 ??  ?? President Donald Trump talks to House Speaker Paul Ryan. There is growing anger over rising inequality in the US.
President Donald Trump talks to House Speaker Paul Ryan. There is growing anger over rising inequality in the US.

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