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Metal detectoris­t finds Viking haul


LONDON: A metal detectoris­t has learned he has hit a £2 million (R35m) jackpot after uncovering Britain’s biggest Viking treasure.

Derek McLennan unearthed the 10th-century collection of rare Viking artefacts in a field in Dumfries and Galloway in the south-west of Scotland in 2014.

The haul of about 100 items included silver bracelets and brooches, a gold ring, an enamelled Christian cross and a bird-shaped gold pin.

The bulk of it is silver jewellery, but it also contains textiles and a range of precious metal and jewelled items described as “outstandin­g and exceptiona­l” by experts.

These included a rare gold ingot, beads, crystals and a decorated silver-gilt cup thought to be of Byzantine origin.

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