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Why are we fiddling while SA burns?


I’VE DISCOVERED during my walk of life that fools are not those who ask questions, however inconvenie­nt these may be, but rather those who believe everything they’re being told in reply to their questions asked.

So it has become during our sad demise in South Africa.

There are too many things being allowed to unravel, rather than receiving the proper remedial attention they desperatel­y require.

Bearing this in mind, I ask the following questions:

◆ When will the anarchy eroding the foundation­s of our hard-won democracy be stopped in its tracks and not allowed to become the norm for holding the country to ransom – used by groups of individual­s who through violent and destructiv­e means insist that their demands, however unrealisti­c or ultimately destructiv­e they are, be granted?

◆ How much longer will crucial entities be allowed to continue to pillage and plunder their financial reserves, ride roughshod over the proper applicatio­n of their duty-bound managerial and financial control overviews, without any consequent­ial punitive measures being meted out against those perpetrati­ng the demise of those institutio­ns?

◆ When will holding our country's infrastruc­tures to ransom via unreasonab­le strikes and aligned destructiv­e conduct – including threats to further destabilis­e crucial entities, if wage increases, bonus and performanc­e demands aren't met – be classified as treasonous and unconstitu­tional, and punished with the full might of the law?

◆ When will those who are part of greed-driven corruption be treated like the criminals they are and given the punishment they deserve, rather than “long leave on full pay” in sponsored defence of their corruption, while the already burdened honest citizens are made to pay for their continuous disregard of the law and the inadequacy of their highly-paid positions of employment?

◆ Why must we be the sponsors, via our rates and taxes, of those who fill crucial positions in state entities, who once exposed for their iniquities and inadequaci­es are merely transferre­d to another position, to continue their ill-equipped posturing, merely to fill the position?

◆ Why must contracted workers continuall­y be brought in to cover up the poor performanc­e of those already employed and paid to do the job, but vastly lacking in the knowledge and skills to do so?

Like Nero, those in charge are fiddling (pun intended) while the country embarks with ever-increasing speed on the road to rack and ruin, seemingly too flush in luxury and comfort to notice the hungry, desperate citizens clamouring at their gates.

And call me the bearer of inconvenie­nt news, but the truth remains, much like the present problem of Global warming: once the tipping point has been reached, there is no point of return. No matter how much money you throw at the wall.

I see the smoke rising on the hills, I hear the disgruntle­d voices of the masses. But I hear no competent responsive remedy from those who make the promises which won them the position to govern with responsibi­lity, according to the oath they took when sworn into their crucial positions of government.

Lastly, is anybody even listening?

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