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Makhura slams defiant Mashaba, his administra­tion


GAUTENG Premier David Makhura has slammed Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba and his administra­tion, accusing them of deliberate­ly snubbing the provincial administra­tion on issues of co-operative governance.

Makhura was speaking in Boksburg yesterday where the ANC was holding a local government summit.

The summit was intended to look at the state of governance and socioecono­mic challenges of municipali­ties in the province.

Makhura said his new MECs had been holding meetings with municipali­ties in a bid to assist them in boosting service delivery initiative­s, but some municipali­ties had refused to co-operate or account, led by Joburg.

He added that while the DA-led Tshwane worked well with the provincial government, Mashaba’s administra­tion was snubbing his MECs, which he said he would fight.

“We as the government here have a mandate on co-operative governance and we are going to ensure the co-operation as mandated by the Constituti­on. Joburg does not have a choice. It has a duty to co-operate,” Makhura said.

He also blasted some of the ANC-led municipali­ties for what he described as tarnishing the ANC through bad conduct.

Makhura said the actions by these rogue municipali­ties could see the governing party losing power if they were not punished.

Makhura also said that the increasing population size in the province made it difficult for poor municipali­ties to meet their constituti­onal obligation­s on services.

“We are now 15.7 million people in the province. There is no space in Gauteng where the number of people is not growing, either two or three times what we were in 1994,” he said.

Makhura highlighte­d that the Sedibeng and the West Rand district municipali­ties were ravaged by poor delivery due to their deteriorat­ing economic base.

“In the two districts, without provincial interventi­on, they will not pull forward on their own. We must stimulate the economy of these districts because this is where the highest number of poor people live in Gauteng,” he said.

All Gauteng’s six local municipali­ties were located in the two districts.

Makhura said the ANC would, however, fail to turn around the municipali­ties and deliver services if the party remained engulfed in factional battles at a leadership level.

“If we are divided, we will divide South Africa and we are going to be sidetracke­d from the challenges faced by our people,” he said.

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David Makhura

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