The Mercury

The ANC is in a state of paralysis


AFTER the three-day meeting at the weekend, all the ANC NEC came up with was not to solve any of the myriad problems that plague our country.

These include the economy, education, land reform, the failed municipali­ties and the most pernicious enemy, the pandemic, with the third wave rising as the new deadly variants are spreading and the vaccine roll-out is stillborn.

This has shown the ANC’s corroded underbelly and that they have no idea or plans on how to address the problems that the country and its people are facing, because their main preoccupat­ion for over a year has been to solve their internal fighting. They have no idea what to do and how to handle Ace and Zuma.

In the meantime, the president came on TV with a lot of fluff of a non-plan, as he squirms away from reality, uttering whatever inanities will get them re-elected and trying to put his foot down, but he was still talking about “collective leadership” while the country is sinking. Some leadership.

In other words, no one will be responsibl­e for what damage they have done or keep on doing to the country and its people. Small wonder none of them is behind bars as yet.


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