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While government awaits freebies, country waits for vaccine patent waiver to be implemente­d


I READ that the spat between different countries and the pharmaceut­ical companies regarding Covid-19 patent waiver for vaccines production will probably be settled by December, according to the head of the World Trade Organizati­on.

This is still over six months away, but the president, Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize and everyone else in government gets excited about that possibilit­y and of course more freebies.

Looking back during the same period of six months, from November

12 of last year to today, we had 34 410 people who died and 854 550 infected. Even if the same will happen and hopefully not worse with a third wave hitting our shores only 0.55% of the population has been vaccinated so far (330 000), because although the government is incapable of doing anything, it doesn’t let anyone to get involved, and I wonder why?

But they went around to big corporatio­ns with the begging bowl asking for money.

For me, given the inability, ineptitude and being ineffectua­l and inept, it’s wishful thinking, if not self-deception, that they are awaiting freebies in some future date, hoping it will make any difference to their shocking performanc­e.

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