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Vaccinatio­ns in Dracula territory


BLOODY fangs on display … the Dracula connection … will the antivax brigade try to use this as ammunition in their campaign against Covid-19 vaccinatio­ns? So it’s not Big Pharma who are behind the gigantic hoax after all, nor Big Government who want to wipe out society. It was actually planned centuries ago by blood-sucking vampires, led by a Wallachian prince called Vlad the Impaler.

Or will the Romanian government’s blending of the touristy Dracula connection with its Covid vaccinatio­n campaign turn out a success?

The government has chosen Bran Castle, a spooky pile in the

Carpathian mountains – which has terrible associatio­ns with vampirism – as a Covid-19 vaccinatio­n centre, according to Sky News.

Medical workers with bloody fang stickers on their scrubs are offering free shots of the Pfizer vaccine every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this month.

Actually the associatio­n with vampirism is fictional. Bran Castle, with its torture chambers, inspired Irish author Bram Stoker to use it as a setting for his 19th century horror novel Dracula, which created a new genre and launched various movies.

He based his vampire character, Count Dracula, on Vlad the Impaler – though Vlad in fact never set foot in Bran Castle.

But you can’t buck a genre, you can’t buck Hollywood.

Alexandru Priscu, the marketing director of the 14th century castle, says: "The idea was to show how people got jabbed 500 to 600 years ago in Europe."

I’m sure most of us would prefer somewhere more sedate and less spooky to get our jabs.


DURBAN poet Sarita Mathur explores the mysteries of existence and the options open to us, in lines titled Living Life:

A human life afterworld,

A world not known or seen,

Only dreamt about,

And talked about by mankind.

Is this the only plane that Life exists, Or is there Life in the hereafter?

We do not know and will probably not get an answer in this Life … passes away into the

So let’s not sweat the small stuff, But Live life with Grace, Knowing it is not a rat race, Instead; a tapestry of Love Relationsh­ips,

Made and cherished over the years. Leave the uncertaint­y and the fear, And live boldly with confidence, Without shedding a tear,

Live in Freedom and Grace,

Even though you cannot Almighty’s face.

Know however that He is there, Always to care

And guide us on our journey

If only we ask … and then listen and trust

His Answer.

As we go along Life’s way.


see and the

PATIENT: “I keep seeing a vampire with big teeth and a cloak.” Doctor: “Have you seen a psychiatri­st?”

Patient: “No, just a vampire.”

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FURIOUS activity is no substitute for understand­ing. | HH Williams

 ?? | EPA ?? BRAN Castle, 173km north of Bucharest, Romania.
| EPA BRAN Castle, 173km north of Bucharest, Romania.

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