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Roll- Up Serranda’s specialise­d roller shutters for special projects


Roll-Up Serranda is well known in KwaZulu-Natal for its roller shutters fronting retail outlets in shopping centres, protecting warehouses from unlawful entry, and even adding extra security to homes. Less well known are their specialise­d roller shutters, used to guard against more unusual dangers such as lethal gases or Àre. “Our research and developmen­t is ongoing, and many of our specialise­d products are the result of site-speciÀc requiremen­ts, requested by customers. These new developmen­ts often become a standard part of our specialise­d range,” said Rob Chivers, Roll-Up Serranda’s KZN Branch Manager. The result has been that Roll-Up Serranda now has the most comprehens­ive range of specialise­d designs in the roller shutter industry. Some of these unique products include: Fire rated roller shutters The Àrst of their kind in South Africa to be awarded internatio­nal certiÀcati­on, Roll-Up Serranda s Àre rated doors are ideal for high risk applicatio­ns. These roller shutters don’t require electric sensors or hydraulic mechanisms in the event of Àre. They operate with a fusible link and descent control mechanism, remaining permanentl­y open until automatica­lly activated in case of Àre. They can be integrated with existing Àre protection systems. The Àre doors are available in two size ranges and have been tested using the ISO standard time-temperatur­e curve in accordance with SABS requiremen­ts, reaching temperatur­es of 1051°C. Both sizes are certiÀed by TUV Rheinland, a German based testing facility with internatio­nal credibilit­y. High shutters Roll-Up Serranda has developed purpose-designed roller shutters to safeguard ATM s countrywid­e. The request was to develop roller shutters that could provide a high level of security without hardening the bank’s brand and that was non-threatenin­g to customers. They also had to comply with health and safety regulation­s. The units are ‘semi-intelligen­t,’ opening and closing automatica­lly on a timer without human interferen­ce. Tornado shutters Security issues may refer to weather conditions rather than criminal attack. Shutters of over 30m² commonly become ‘sails’ in high winds such as the Cape Southeaste­r, and can blow out of their tracks if not correctly designed.


wind Roll-Up Serranda was requested by an internatio­nal bank situated in a cyclone zone as well Port Authoritie­s around South Africa s coastline to design a roller shutter that could withstand the severe buffeting of excessive winds. These doors are now a permanent part of the Roll-Up Serranda range.




roller Manufactur­ed from either solid galvanised steel or aluminium slats with a double wall cavity extrusion, they are extremely robust. Steel roller shutters can withstand wind speeds of up to 120km/hour while aluminium versions are suitable for wind speeds of up to 200km/hour. Petrol bomb resistant leak proof roller shutters These doors were developed for an institutio­n that required protection against both gas leaks and bomb attacks as they are in an area plagued by ‘Molotov Cocktail’ bombings. Four of these roller shutters were Àtted to the institutio­n s head ofÀce. They are highly suitable for embassies, government buildings, art and artefact galleries and museums. Manufactur­ed from aluminium, these



double wall roller shutters will seal an area against gas leaks, prevent gases from spreading into or out of a building and are capable of withstandi­ng the force of a high impact petrol bomb attack. They have been tested according to SABS standards. “We liaise closely with our clients from the planning stage of their project through to design, installati­on and after sales service,” said Rob. “Our Pinetown team is highly experience­d and always available to discuss the most appropriat­e roller shutter for the site, which could include a mix of our commodity roller shutters and specialise­d designs.”

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