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HOW is your heart? What or where is the hu­man heart? Clearly this is not about the phys­i­cal beat­ing or­gan in our chest, as pow­er­ful and as nec­es­sary and as cru­cial as each of ours is.

I think of it as the seat of emo­tion, the mind, in­tel­lect, spirit, soul, the essence, the cross-sec­tion of mind and body and spirit and soul – is the heart.

It’s the core or the essence of our in­di­vid­ual be­ings. And, it can be bro­ken. And, it can be shat­tered. And, it can be healed.

Tak­ing care of your heart is about a lot more than eat­ing well and watch­ing your choles­terol.

Your heart (my heart) can go from bruised or bro­ken to bold and on to be­ing even more beau­ti­ful and bold than it al­ready is.

Your heart is beau­ti­ful. I have never met a per­son who did not have a beau­ti­ful heart.

Your heart may be bro­ken, you may have been be­trayed or bru­talised, but you will sur­vive, rise up, you will love and be loved again.

Love your heart, it’s worth it.

A for­mer Dur­ban­ite now liv­ing in the US, fam­ily ther­a­pist Rod Smith can be con­tacted at RodESmith122@gmail.com


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