Egg price re­port for April 2017

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The sta­tis­tics are com­piled from data pro­vided by egg pro­duc­ers. This re­port rep­re­sents 16.6% of to­tal po­ten­tial egg pro­duc­tion for the month. The re­port nor­mally in­cludes a split be­tween cage and free range/barn eggs, but this was ex­cluded this month due to in­suf­fi­cient re­spon­dents. If you are a pro­ducer who reads and uses this re­port, please con­sider send­ing your data to be in­cluded.

All prices ex­clude VAT.

1. Sum­mary of key indi­ca­tors 2. Egg price across all sizes

The monthly move­ment in the av­er­age egg price (all sizes, ex­clud­ing free range/ barn) is shown in Graph 1.

The April 2017 price for cage eggs was R13.97 per dozen.

Com­pared to March 2017 the egg price in­creased by 3.6%;

Com­pared to April 2016 it in­creased by 12.75%.

Ta­ble 3 shows the av­er­age egg prices (ex­clud­ing free range/barn) since 2012 and the year-on-year per­cent­age change.

3. Egg price for graded and un­graded eggs

The move­ment in the pro­ducer price since Jan­uary 2012, for both graded and un­graded eggs (ex­clud­ing free range/barn eggs), is de­picted in Graph 2.

Dur­ing April 2017, the av­er­age egg price for graded eggs was R14.51 per dozen; a monthly in­crease of 3.2% and a year-on-year in­crease of 11.3%.

In the same month, the av­er­age egg price for un­graded eggs was R12.52 per dozen; a monthly in­crease of 4.6% and a year-on-year in­crease of 15.93%.

In the sam­ple sur­veyed, of the to­tal dozens sold for April 2017, 74% were graded and 26% were un­graded.

4. Feed price

The weighted av­er­age feed price in­cludes dis­tri­bu­tion but ex­cludes med­i­ca­tion, ad­di­tives and VAT. The monthly av­er­age feed price for April 2017 was R3638.00/ tonne. It de­creased by 6.0% on a monthly ba­sis and de­creased

by 11.2% on a yearly ba­sis (Graph 3).

Ta­ble 4 shows the av­er­age feed prices since 2012 and the year-on-year per­cent­age change.

5. Cull price and age

The av­er­age price per cull hen for the month of April 2017 was R29.53, an in­crease of 11.9% on a monthly ba­sis and an in­crease of 1.8% on a yearly ba­sis (Graph 4). The av­er­age cull age at de­ple­tion dur­ing April 2017 was 72.0 weeks.

Ta­ble 5 shows the av­er­age cull prices since 2012 and the year-on-year per­cent­age change, as well as the av­er­age cull age.

6. Point-of-lay pul­let prices

The av­er­age price per pointof-lay pul­let for the month of April 2017 was R58.46, an in­crease of 4.0% on a monthly ba­sis.

7. Change in egg and feed prices

Year-on-year % changes in egg price and feed price are shown in Graph 5. The year 2016 was a dif­fi­cult one for egg pro­duc­ers when feed prices es­ca­lated at a higher rate than egg prices, putting mar­gins un­der se­vere pres­sure. The sit­u­a­tion looks more pos­i­tive in the first four months of 2017.

Def­i­ni­tion of egg price:

Egg pro­ducer price, ex­clud­ing re­jects and pulp, af­ter re­bates, ad spend, “price offs” and set­tle­ment dis­counts; in­clud­ing pack­ag­ing.


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All fore­casts of fu­ture pro­duc­tion, prices, trade or feed and feed in­gre­di­ent trends are based on the opin­ion of in­de­pen­dent con­sul­tants con­tracted to SAPA. These fore­casts are for guide­line pur­poses only and SAPA does not, in any way, war­rant that these pre­dic­tions will be re­alised. SAPA there­fore cau­tions any user of this in­for­ma­tion to treat it in an ap­pro­pri­ate man­ner.

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