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Re­cently the Amahlati Mu­nic­i­pal of­fices in Stut­ter­heim were gut­ted and this week the Enoch Mgi­jima Lo­cal Mu­nic­i­pal­ity (EMLM) of­fices in Sterk­stroom were set alight.

Both were ap­par­ently re­lated to peo­ple un­happy with ser­vice de­liv­ery.

While I un­der­stand the frus­tra­tion and un­hap­pi­ness of peo­ple – and as a res­i­dent of the EMLM, the chal­lenges are im­mensely de­bil­i­tat­ing – I have to ask: what does de­stroy­ing and/or van­dal­is­ing mu­nic­i­pal build­ings or equip­ment ac­tu­ally achieve?

It may make the trans­gres­sor feel bet­ter for a bit, but the long-term re­al­ity is that no one – and I mean, no one – ben­e­fits.

The mu­nic­i­pal­ity cer­tainly does not and it will not im­prove ser­vice de­liv­ery.

If you think that’s go­ing to hap­pen as a re­sult of a de­struc­tive ac­tion like settling a build­ing alight, you’re liv­ing in a fool’s par­adise.

It will not make it lis­ten to your griev­ances ei­ther.

It does not im­prove the lives of those com­plain­ing – in­stead, they will now be even worse off as there is no money – yes, no money – to fix these build­ings. So Sterk­stroom or Stut­ter­heim res­i­dents need­ing ac­cess to help with mu­nic­i­pal ser­vices are go­ing to face an even more up­hill bat­tle in time to come.

It def­i­nitely does not help the coun­try. In­stead this kind of ac­tion will let SA sink even deeper into the pit of des­per­a­tion and poverty.

I fail to un­der­stand why this is done – or maybe it’s just aimed at caus­ing in­sta­bil­ity, with a greater po­lit­i­cal agenda?

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