Here is the Africa of which I dream Eric Shiko­bela, of Pre­to­ria, writes:

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The Africa I dream of. I dream of a con­ti­nent that is at peace within it­self. Can peace be bought or cre­ated?

Can peace be ne­go­ti­ated? No, it can’t be. A bought peace will soon be bought back.

A cre­ated peace will soon lose its form. A ne­go­ti­ated peace will lose ground. A gen­uine peace can be found in the heart­beat of ev­ery true African.

The Africa I dream of is an Africa that takes pride in it­self.

I dream of a con­ti­nent that will not see go­ing over­seas as a def­i­ni­tion of suc­cess, but as a way of life. A con­ti­nent in which its peo­ple will find pride.

I dream of a con­ti­nent that can re­ward its own tal­ent. I dream of Africans en­joy­ing the fruits of their labour right here in Africa.

The Africa I dream of is a con­ti­nent that is led by true and com­mit­ted lead­ers. Lead­ers who pri­ori­tise the well­be­ing of African peo­ple and lead­ers who are filled with God’s wis­dom.

I dream of a con­ti­nent that has lead­ers who can bring forth so­lu­tions, not prob­lems. I dream of a con­ti­nent that has a lead­er­ship that un­der­stands that lead­er­ship is not a ca­reer, but a call­ing.

I dream of a con­ti­nent that shines brighter than the stars. A con­ti­nent that flies higher than an ea­gle. Africa, my mother­land, Africa my home. In­deed the strug­gle con­tin­ues, but it shall one day end. One good day the pains and sorrow will be just his­tory to tell our de­scen­dants.

Noth­ing in this life lasts for­ever and ev­ery­thing has its sea­son.

I dream of a con­ti­nent that will lead in the world’s crit­i­cal is­sues.

A con­ti­nent that will be ahead in terms of growth and sta­bil­ity.

An Africa that will heal, that will unite, that will pros­per and an Africa that will rise. I am a true son of the soil. I am a true African.

Africa, I love you!

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