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Do you think chil­dren are safe in schools con­sid­er­ing the many re­ports of sex­ual abuse that have come to light? The Rep re­porter took to the streets of Ko­mani to find out.

Noku­phumla Mb­halo from Zingquthu vil­lage

They are not safe at all, es­pe­cially in vil­lages where there are no aware­ness cam­paigns about sex­ual vi­o­lence. Chil­dren are mo­lested by their teach­ers and are scared to re­port them be­cause all they know is to obey their teach­ers and to do as they are told.

Khakalethu Mh­lauli from Ko­mani

There needs to be per­son­al­ity and psy­cho­log­i­cal tests for teach­ers be­fore they are placed in schools. We must en­cour­age chil­dren to speak up if they felt vi­o­lated in any way by any­one. I also think sur­veil­lance cam­eras in classes and cor­ri­dors would help erad­i­cate the scourge.

Balungile Ralar­ala from Ez­i­be­leni

The prob­lem is this “free­dom” we are all en­joy­ing that makes per­pe­tra­tors think they can do as they please to other peo­ple. Chil­dren are not safe and po­lice neg­li­gence con­trib­utes to the num­ber of rape cases that are not re­ported due to vic­tim­i­sa­tion.

Vig­inia von Scha­ef­fer from Vic­to­ria Park

Chil­dren would be safe, sub­ject to par­ents teach­ing them about morals and to stay away from sex be­fore mar­riage. The peo­ple who rape, were also once chil­dren, there­fore it is im­por­tant to teach moral­ity from an early age and also for chil­dren to speak up and not to be in­tim­i­dated by im­moral adults.

Avela Ka­fula from Ko­mani

Chil­dren are not safe in schools. There should be se­cu­rity to mon­i­tor teach­ers’ and chil­dren’s be­hav­iour and to re­port any acts con­trary to those ac­cept­able on school premises. It is also im­por­tant for each school to have a so­cial worker so that if such an aw­ful in­ci­dent hap­pens, they are able to speak to some­one.

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