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This week, The Rep reporter

took to the streets of Komani to ask, “What can peo­ple do to con­trib­ute to­wards the care of their towns, in­stead of just com­plain­ing?” help in your street or area to col­lect garbage and this could help us bring back the old, clean Komani.

As a com­mu­nity, we could form groups where we wear gloves and clean up our own town. This would show that we are pa­tri­otic and love our town.

Our town is dirty. Peo­ple throw their rub­bish wher­ever they want. We could start by throw­ing rub­bish in a dust­bin, in­stead of throw­ing it on the ground or if there is no bin, keep­ing it un­til you are at home.

We just do­nated food to a child who asked us for some­thing to eat ver­sus ask­ing for money. I am the owner of a take-away and the prof­its I make from it are to fund my day­care.

I am plan­ning to use the money gen­er­ated from Lit­tle Ex­plor­ers to gen­er­ate funds for a chil­dren’s home that I want to start in Komani, as there is a des­per­ate need for it. If peo­ple in our com­mu­nity could stand to­gether to help the less priv­i­leged, it could lead to less crime.

I am in school and my school is part of the Go Green cam­paign, but we could still do more to help.

We could host spe­cial fundrais­ers and the prof­its made could be do­nated to as­sist with the run­ning of the SPCA, but it is also dif­fi­cult for busy par­ents to at­tend such func­tions.






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