Mgidi Simtembile


The Rep re­porter

took to the streets of Ko­mani to ask peo­ple what they hoped would hap­pen in their lives in 2019.

I would love to see a bet­ter fu­ture for my fam­ily and my grand­chil­dren. I would also like to see an im­prove­ment in the clean­li­ness of our town and for the com­mu­nity to stand to­gether, in­clud­ing help­ing each other. Each per­son has a pur­pose. In Jeremiah in the Bi­ble, it is writ­ten that God said that He knew him while he was in his mother’s womb and He called him to be a prophet. This means we all have a pur­pose and I would love for God’s pur­pose to be ful­filled in my life in 2019.

The world has changed and tech­nol­ogy is grow­ing rapidly. Peo­ple have grown lazy, be­cause ev­ery­thing is easy and I wish that my grand­chil­dren would not be vic­tims of so­cial me­dia plat­forms that are al­low­ing chil­dren to miss out on a real-life ex­pe­ri­ence.

We were brought to halls with prom­ises that we would ben­e­fit from the sec­ond phase of houses to be built, yet phase one has not even been com­pleted. My first child is 12 and when we were called, my child was not even born yet. If the mu­nic­i­pal­ity can not build us houses, it is best that they give us sites so we can build our own homes. When it is time to vote, they will pre­tend to fix things but they will not. I just wish they could fix their short­com­ings in 2019.

I wish the way our mu­nic­i­pal­ity em­ploys peo­ple would change and that they would em­ploy more young peo­ple. We do not all have the ex­pe­ri­ence that is re­quired and there are many young peo­ple who do not have jobs who have turned to drugs. I wish when we ap­ply for jobs we could stop be­ing asked for our num­bers. As a woman you find you have to pay with your body if you want a job.


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