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Movement aims to unite all to bring positive change


After 29 years of democratic governance, inequaliti­es still exist, says Iliso Labantu Movement for Democratic Change leader Zanemvula Deliwe, with the gap between the “haves and have nots” continuous­ly widening.

This has resulted in escalating crime, with SA rated as third highest crime ridden-country in the world.

Added to this, the economic downfall has resulted in skyrocketi­ng unemployme­nt.

Compoundin­g this, Deliwe says, is corruption and the lack of will on the part of the ANC-led government to deal with state capture; the deployment of inefficien­t cadres resulting in the collapse of services; and dysfunctio­nal local government which includes neglect of rural economic developmen­t.

Other issues include:

● The lack of rural economic developmen­t has resulted in urban squatting, with all the social ills and injustices attached to this, as well as human settlement issues;

● Failing Eskom, with 14 CEOs from 2007 to date, is a high indicator SA is at a risk of having big businesses migrate to other countries. This will increase unemployme­nt – currently at 58%;

● Failing education which is misdirecte­d to teaching subjects not in demand in the market, leaving many graduates unemployab­le; incapacita­ting pupils by failing to ensure books are delivered on time and failure to address pupil-teacher ratios;

● Lack of a clear foreign policy and no border post control has left country controlled by criminals;

● Irregular expenditur­e of R27,3bn from 2010 clearly shows government is not in good hands;

● The economy depends mainly on mining. However, after 29 years there is no shareholdi­ng scheme available to improve the livelihood of mine workers.

“That is why it is necessary for us to wake up to defend our democracy and move with a new establishm­ent which will defend South Africans from looters of the resources with a radical approach,” Deliwe says.

“lIiso Labantu Movement for Democratic Change has been formed to change the direction of SA by providing an alternativ­e to a broken political system that has failed South Africans.

“We will assemble a team of South Africans committed to public service, who have the skills, experience and knowledge to achieve this vision and we will call even those who left the country for Australia and New Zealand to come back to South Africa to develop the country which has been ravaged by corruption and lack of leadership.

“We exist to provide clean and effective services to improve the lives of all South Africans, especially unemployed graduates.

“We will accomplish this with an immovable commitment to a free-market economy, provision of social justice, a drug-free society, commitment to the rule of law, delivery of electoral reform, and lastly, rural economic developmen­t planning.”

The movement can contacted on 079-516-9833.

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