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Motorists warned about thefts

Perpetrato­rs distract, steal


There is an epidemic of theft from mainly parked cars in town. In the past two weeks at least ten people have had frightenin­g experience­s while shopping in Komani. They were being watched by two young men when they returned to their cars.

The decoy distracts the driver in some way, either by fiddling with the boot, or canopy of the bakkie, and when he has attracted your attention, the other one takes your bag, purse, keys, and cell phone, very quickly.

These incidents often happen in Robinson Road, near the two pharmacies, and different ploys are exercised.

One local resident had a smartly dressed man with tattoos on his arms who tried to entice her to go to the back of her car to “look at something”.

The driver noticed the car guard shaking his head, so she declined. The man walked away when he realised she was not buying his request. We have also heard of two young men coming up to the driver with a credit card asking if they have not lost theirs. Within a short

while of being distracted, all their things had been stolen. Be on your guard and remain aware of what is going on.

Another person had a horrible experience when one of these young men tried to climb into her bakkie, under the canopy. She quickly hopped out to chase him away and had her

handbag stolen.

Another person was driving slowly down Bert Strauss Street when his passenger door was yanked open and his six-weekold Jack Russell puppy was stolen off his passenger seat.

A resident in Calderwood Street chased an unknown person who was fiddling with

her boot, down a side street, and yelled for help. Red Guard Security stopped to help and caught one of the men and took him to the police station.

The police response was that this guy was a regular offender.

We really do need to be more security conscious when we are shopping in town.

*If someone fiddles with your boot, just drive.

*If you see young people milling around your car, get in and go. Do not be drawn into a discussion of any sort with them.

*Try to remember to keep your car doors locked at all times, even when in the car.

*If you get out to check on something, take your valuables with you.

*When you get into your car, put your bag at your feet, not on the left-hand seat next to you where everyone can see it.

Juan Reynders from the community policing forum said this had been ongoing, since last year. The problem, Reynders said, was that perpetrato­rs were apprehende­d and victims of these crimes often did not open cases because they did not want to get involved, so the policing forum have no choice but to let the perpetrato­rs go.

He says that after arresting a number of people only to let them go because there are no open cases, their hands are tied.

However, they do keep doing visible patrols, especially in Robinson Road where the crime is particular­ly bad.

 ?? Picture: SUPPLIED ?? STILL SEARCHING: This six-week-old Jack Russell puppy was stolen off the passenger seat off a car in town
Picture: SUPPLIED STILL SEARCHING: This six-week-old Jack Russell puppy was stolen off the passenger seat off a car in town

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