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The Rep intern Chuma Joni took to the streets of Komani and asked residents what they would like to see or read about in the The Rep newspaper?

Garth Van-Heerden from Top Town

I would like to see news that will actually be challengin­g the service delivery status in Komani because currently the service delivery is poor. You go to a supermarke­t and the cashiers do not even greet you. I would like to see some friendline­ss in our town, us being more appreciati­ve of each other.

Nontsikele­lo Nyali from a student rez

Currently, newspapers are more based on things that do not interest us as the youth. The Rep newspaper is read by older people and for young people to be interested in reading the newspaper we need to see content that we, as a youth can relate to.

Benjamin Basson from New Vale

I would love to see more news on the municipali­ty. We have been struggling to get RDP houses. I have been on the list since 1994 and I am still waiting. I also want to see more news on what is being done about the bad the roads.

Lathitha Swapi from Komani

I would love to see more political commentary, economic analysis, sports, games and entertainm­ent. People’s wins should also be celebrated more often.

Thuliswa Matyobeni from Top Town

I would love to see more entertainm­ent news, the juicy side of stories, less bad stories in our town but more of the good ones and the achievemen­ts of young people.

I would also love to see my town improving in terms of infrastruc­ture.

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