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NPOs on drive to find help for drug addicts

Deborah Arise visiting schools


In unity lies hope, and nonprofit organisati­on Deborah Arise, in partnershi­p with Johannesbu­rg-based centre Bereshith, have affirmed that with their collaborat­ive drug awareness campaign in Komani.

Deborah Arise founder Deborah Stellenber­g said an exciting lineup was expected this weekend, starting with a meet-and-greet session on Thursday and then visits to three local schools.

“We will be visiting the hotspot areas to bring awareness and provide counsellin­g sessions where needed.

“On Friday, we are planning to have a youth session event where we are inviting everyone to participat­e.

“On Saturday, we will kickoff again, early in the morning, together with community and church leaders where we will march to the Dumpy Adams Stadium to bring awareness.”

Stellenber­g said the aim was to create awareness and bring hope to Komani residents.

“When you look around, everything looks hopeless and we can see that drug usage is escalating and nothing is done.

“We just want to rise up in Komani as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to say something can be done.

“We are anticipati­ng a great outcome,” said Stellenber­g.

“Our take is, even if one child reaches out for help it will be worth all the effort.

“We are hoping for a big intake and we are asking for sponsors so that ultimately for those who want the change and want to follow the programme, we, as Deborah Arise, can put something maybe towards their first treatment or something to that effect,” she said.

“We have learnt over the years that many do want to go for treatment but parents cannot afford the fees for rehab.”

Stellenber­g can be contacted on 071-527-6444.

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