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Tamboekie in flower

Propogatio­n worth the work


Gay Wormold propagated tamboekie plants from seeds and donated two plants to Gussie Luckoff, who is a former Hangklip High School teacher.

The plant in front of the school appeared to be a prolific grower, as they do not normally get taller than hip height. This one is over head height.

A few people seem able to propagate the tamboekie plant successful­ly but Wormold, Finn Weakly, Reg Morgan and Chris Mills can.

It is very difficult to get viable seeds in nature as there is an insect that targets the seeds while they are still in the pods.

These stunning flowers only grow here in Komani and around the Chris Hani district. Make sure you get one for your garden.

Meanwhile, hundreds of locals are expected to join in the fun at the annual Tamboekie Festival this weekend at the Queenstown Showground­s in Queendustr­ia.

The all-day activities will start today, September 23, and continue tomorrow with lots of activities for children and adults.

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