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Chameleons rare sight in Komani


In the past, chameleons were quite common in Komani, but in recent years their numbers seem to have decreased.

Is that because they are not there or is it because we do not see them?

It is a bit like the reality of snakes. If you are tuned into snakes you will see them in all sorts of places, whereas most people will walk past them and not even realise they are there.

Maybe chameleons are similar. They are there, but we do not expect to see them. The common chameleon we see here in Komani are the Eastern

Cape dwarf chameleons, which are about the size of an adult’s hand in length.

When Chris Mills was photograph­ing the Tamboekie bush outside Hangklip High School, he noticed, right on the top, a chameleon. It really made his day.

We would love to conduct an informal Komani and district chameleon survey. If you see a chameleon, take a photo with your phone, and send the photo and the location where you found it via whatsapp to Mills on 081-813-6700. Do not handle these beauties of nature, rather take the time to watch and observe them, and if you are very lucky you might see the chameleon catch a fly with its amazingly curled-up tongue.

Spring and summer is the right period to see chameleons, so one needs to be on the lookout. Before Christmas, a follow-up article will be done on the results of the survey.

Chameleons in KwaZuluNat­al were always bright green, whereas in Komani we have only seen grey chameleons. Friends with tall, densely leafed bottle brush trees at one stage encouraged chameleon hunting nights with torches in Komai and a few have been seen.

Take some walks out in nature and be on the lookout for the chameleons that live right here in our town.

 ?? SUPPLIED Picture: ?? IN DISGUISE: A chameleon spotted by Chris Mills outside Hangklip High School
SUPPLIED Picture: IN DISGUISE: A chameleon spotted by Chris Mills outside Hangklip High School

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