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Strong winds damage houses in Springrove


Four houses were badly damaged when strong winds and hail pummeled Springrove village in Ntabethemb­a last Thursday.

Sivuyile Plaatjie, who is a ward councillor in the area, told The Rep that roofing that was blown off one home had hit another house’s roof, causing substantia­l damage.

Plaatjie said the strong winds and hailstorm had lasted for about 30 minutes.

Soon after the storm hit, the councillor said a villager reported that two houses had been damaged by wind.

Plaatjie said 42-year-old Nobathini Nyamakazi’s mud house was worst hit during the storm.

“She is currently staying in a resident’s house. The owner will return in November.

“Nyamakazi’s RDP house was approved in 2017, but Chris Hani District Disaster handed over the housing project to the provincial human settlement­s department.

“The two other houses that were affected were the ones that people had built for themselves next to their RDP houses, which were not damaged,” said Plaatjie.

He said officials from the provincial human settlement department had visited the area on Tuesday to assess the storm damage.

They confirmed the RDP houses were in the process of being built, after having been handed over to the department.

“The Chris Hani officials from the disaster department were also present

to conduct an assessment for [those affected] to receive temporary houses in the meantime.”

However, the counsellor said there were no promises made about rebuilding the RDP owners’ alternativ­e homes that had been damaged.

He said the provincial human settlement­s officials said they would consult heads of department­s regarding this.

Plaatjie said Springrove village had been hit by devastatin­g storms over the years.

“Last year, three houses’ roofs were blown off by strong winds.

“In 2014, a house was struck by the wind. It was a mud house.

“The stone fell off the rooftop and hit a child who sadly died from the incident.

“Between 2003 and 2004, four

houses were damaged by wind and the Chris Hani Disaster unit rebuilt them,” he said. Plaatjie also recalled that in the early ‘90s, his home was destroyed by strong winds.

CHDM spokespers­on Bulelwa Ganyaza said the Chris Hani district was prone to severe weather including tornadoes, strong winds, hail and heavy rain.

“The district municipali­ty officials were the first to respond to the incident and after preliminar­y assessment­s were done, relevant stakeholde­rs were contacted.

“In this case, the department of human settlement­s formed part of the team that conducted the assessment­s.

“Based on the assessment­s, the department will make a determinat­ion for provision of temporary shelters,” Ganyaza said.

 ?? Picture: SUPPLIED ?? NATURAL DISASTER: A mud house in Springrove village in Ntabethemb­a had its roof ripped off by strong winds last week
Picture: SUPPLIED NATURAL DISASTER: A mud house in Springrove village in Ntabethemb­a had its roof ripped off by strong winds last week

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