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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Rep intern took to the streets of Komani and asked residents whether they were aware of the annual campaign and if they went for regular screenings or did self-examinatio­ns.


Lusanda Sishuba from Sada

No, I do not go for check-ups or examinatio­ns. I am relaxed, I guess, because in my mind I always thought only women are at risk of getting cancer.

But now that I know, I will not be lazy and I will go and get a checkup regularly.

Jesse de Wet from Victoria Park

I was not aware of it, though I do read about it in newspapers.

Now that I know, I will regularly go even though I am scared to, but for my own health I will definitely go.

The sooner, the better.


Lynette Swarts from Komani

If you find a lump in your breast and you feel that something is wrong, it is better to go earlier than to ignore it until it is too late.

The earlier you go to the specialis,t the better for you to be diagnosed and get treatment.

I have not tested but I will go and get tested.

Annelize Marais

from Grey Street Breast check-ups are very important.

I do go once a year for a check-up because I know how important it is to take care of your health.

Vuyo Thinga from Prince Alfred Street

I have not yet tested, but I have seen people who were affected by cancer and it is not a very nice experience, as I have observed. As a result, I am thinking of going for a check-up for my safety.

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