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Damaged mini substation troubles Mlungisi residents


A mini substation that was badly damaged after a car accidently crashed into it in 2017 is now a potential danger for a family in Khayelitsh­a, Mlungisi. The Bobotyana family have made desperate pleas to the municipali­ty to repair the substation.

“I have been reporting this to the ward councillor and the officials at the technical services, and the previous municipal manager. It is approachin­g summer again and it is the rainy season. During school holidays children are at home and playing all over. I am afraid they might touch the exposed wires,” concerned resident Aaron Bobotyana said.

The mini substation, situated inside the yard, posed a great deal of danger

Bobotyana said, not just for his family but the rest of the community as well. “Whenever it rains there is an electrical spark. We’ve been subjected to this situation since 2017.

“Must a life be lost for the municipali­ty to understand the

urgency of repairing this substation?” Bobotyana said.

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipali­ty spokespers­on Lonwabo Kowa said the damage to the mini substation was reported by ward councillor Vuyiseka Bomela.

“Technician­s were dispatched to inspect it. It was discovered this is one of the many substation­s that must be replaced, but unfortunat­ely this is an old model and will need the municipali­ty to replace it entirely.

“There is a long list of mini substation­s that have to be replaced, but due to quantities it comes with huge financial implicatio­ns, which at this stage is not affordable to the municipali­ty.”

Kowa said the family had requested that the mini substation be removed from the yard.

“This involves more resources. Technician­s will once more be sent to asses it and make necessary temporary interventi­ons so it will not pose danger to the family and community members. Regular assessment­s will be made.”

 ?? Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO ?? HAZARD: A damaged mini substation in Khayelitsh­a, Mlungisi.
Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO HAZARD: A damaged mini substation in Khayelitsh­a, Mlungisi.

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