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A call to ban pit bulls as domestic animals has been made and a petition has been launched for government to impose the ban after several reports of mauling incidents around the country. The Rep intern CHUMA JONI asked residents if pit bulls should be kept as domestic pets?

Neliswa Mazwi from Khayelitsh­a

Pit bulls should not be kept, they cannot live with humans. We can see they are killing people. They are a danger to society.

Nolfefe Mrubata from Komani

The owners of the pit bulls are not looking after them. They are careless. As a result, people are being killed by these pit bulls. [Problem] dogs should be taken away or killed. We cannot be at risk because of them.

Luvuyo Bolana from Sada

No, they should not. It is quite obvious that they are not trained enough to live around humans. The killings are just unacceptab­le. Children are also at risk because of them.

Hugo Johan van der Mescht from Bells Court

I think any dog or pet is a must-have for any household, especially when you have small kids, so they can grow up with pets. I think it is just as important that people secure the dogs in their yards so they are no danger to bystanders or people passing in the street.

Reg Morgan from Top town

There are so many different reasons to have a pit bull as a pet. I think people should not be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets. If they want to keep them on farms for security reasons, that is a different method, but if it is as a family pet then no.

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