Malema, EFF pay le­gal costs to AfriFo­rum


AFRIFO­RUM has scored yet an­other vic­tory against Julius Malema and the EFF.

This after the pair last week made a pay­ment of more than R100 000 to­wards two of the five cost orders the civil rights or­gan­i­sa­tion had ob­tained against them.

The pay­ment, amount­ing to R108 960.79, was the sec­ond fol­low­ing an­other to­talling R126 703.59 paid on Novem­ber 13 last year.

The lat­est pay­ment brought the amount paid to R235000 of the cost orders es­ti­mated at R550000, and the party still has to pay R315000.

In a state­ment, AfriFo­rum said that be­cause of the two pay­ments that AfriFo­rum has al­ready re­ceived from Malema and the EFF, it would not go ahead with sell­ing at auc­tion the EFF’s as­sets – which the sher­iff has al­ready seized – be­fore the le­gal pro­cesses of the three out­stand­ing cost orders have been fi­nalised.

Chief ex­ec­u­tive Kal­lie Kriel said they wel­comed the fur­ther pay­ment.

“AfriFo­rum will use Malema and the EFF’s pay­ments in our court

bat­tles to fight at­tempts to change the coun­try’s Con­sti­tu­tion to al­low for the ex­pro­pri­a­tion of land without com­pen­sa­tion,” Kriel said.

The two pay­ments that Malema and the EFF made to AfriFo­rum last Thurs­day, and on Novem­ber13, were to set­tle cost orders that had been is­sued on Sep­tem­ber 12, 2017, and Fe­bru­ary18, 2018, re­spec­tively.

Malema and the EFF were ap­peal­ing against the in­ter­dict that AfriFo­rum ob­tained against them on March 7, 2017, while the two cost orders of Novem­ber 14 last year must still be taxed, AfriFo­rum said.

The five cost orders stem from the court case that AfriFo­rum brought against Malema and the EFF last year to ob­tain an in­ter­dict to pre­vent them from in­cit­ing peo­ple to oc­cupy land il­le­gally.

The North­ern Gauteng High Court found in AfriFo­rum’s favour on March 7, 2017, and granted the in­ter­dict with costs.

Malema and the EFF then brought an ap­pli­ca­tion to have the in­ter­dict set aside, which would have been heard on Septem­ber12, 2017.

How­ever, the Court had to post­pone the case after Malema and the EFF sub­mit­ted their heads of ar­gu­ment in their own case too late.

The judge con­se­quently granted a puni­tive cost or­der against Malema and the EFF.

When the case re­sumed on Fe­bru­ary18 last year, Malema and the EFF’s le­gal rep­re­sen­ta­tives failed to ap­pear, and the case was set­tled in AfriFo­rum’s favour and a fur­ther cost or­der was is­sued against Malema and the EFF.

AfriFo­rum will use the money to fight the ex­pro­pri­a­tion of land without com­pen­sa­tion

Kal­lie Kriel AfriFo­rum chief ex­ec­u­tive

Julius Malema

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