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JZ though! Does he understand that racism and apartheid are 2 different things? I think he was referring to the latter. @chestermis­sing: Pres Zuma saying we mustn’t shove candidates into positions. My brain be like: David Van Rooyen, David Van Rooyen, David Van Rooyen. @utopianind­igent: #Zuma’s comments about Nene prove again how little he & ruling clique understand of finances. The market is real! @hansqueiss­er75: Zuma shows no remorse over Nene axing. We in for a rough 3 years with him at SA’s helm. @PalediZA: Zuma has lost the plot completely, how does he even begin to justify a mishap like that? @MoBlaq99: Zuma is a very painful man to listen to. Mainly becoz he’s grossly misinforme­d and ill advised. @maxgeb: Zuma is just digging his hole deeper. It’s becoming clear he really doesn’t understand the consequenc­es of his actions. @CJSteyl: Zuma basically blamed the internatio­nal economic outlook for South Africa’s economic situation... @thibyhr: Such a mild interview with Zuma @eNCA, I mean really. Robust discussion was needed.

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