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Time to end blame game

- Leonora Swart

I SALUTE Erick Mhlanga for his letter in The Star on Friday titled “Compare Rhodes with our African presidents”.

It is time to stop blaming Rhodes, Van Riebeeck and other people long gone for the problems on the African continent.

It is time to stop blaming all white people (or black people) for the present state of Africa.

It is time for the people of Africa to start demanding service delivery from their government­s, both local and national, not by way of violent and destructiv­e protest, but by using their right to vote.

It is time for people to realise that those in power are “civil servants” who should be working for the people and not just enriching themselves.

It is time for the people to understand that simply ridding one’s country of white farmers, entreprene­urs and investors is not the answer; Africa needs the skills, intellect, money and hard work of all its people, regardless of race, to succeed.

It’s time for all the people who live in Africa to work together to educate, uplift and create employment.

It’s time for white Africans (many of us cannot trace our ancestry beyond the shores of Africa) to feel that we also have a right to be here.

It’s time to put an end to corruption in government and business.

Thank you, Mr Mhlanga, for your insight and the courage to voice your opinion.

Orange Grove

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