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Ex­tra cost of re­plac­ing PVR


THIS com­plaint is re­gard­ing the stan­dard PVR de­coder. I have two of these de­coders: one is at my home in Lans­downe and the other at my sis­ter’s home in Gatesville. These de­coders re­boot them­selves more than once a day, some­times even four times. I have ac­tu­ally lost count, and the funny part is they do so si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

I have con­tacted Mul­tiChoice re­gard­ing the is­sue and I get the same an­swer: they tell me that the sig­nal may be weak or out of reach, or the de­coders are mal­func­tion­ing. Then they do a sig­nal re­set and the de­coders work. An hour later, the de­coders re­boot again.

Mul­tiChoice have, how­ever, asked me to bring in the de­coder for a re­place­ment or re­pair and if they can’t help me they will swop my PVR for a new Ex­plora. They will give me a new Ex­plora, at no cost, if I have in­surance on my PVR, but if I don’t it will cost R799.

They say the PVR is be­com­ing ob­so­lete; they can’t main­tain the soft­ware and claim they are ac­tu­ally up­grad­ing me. At the mo­ment, I can view two chan­nels and record one, whereas the Ex­plora only al­lows you to watch one and record one. And then there is the ex­tra cost.

I am of the view that they should re­place like for like, at no cost, or main­tain the ser­vices of the PVR. Nas­ro­dien Gaf­foor

Ge­orgie: SD PVR tech­nol­ogy is ob­so­lete – Mul­tiChoice launched a new satel­lite and the de­coders can­not re­ceive ser­vice from the new satel­lite – which is why the com­pany has told the cus­tomer it needs to be traded in for the Ex­plora. While the latter does not have the same dual-view func­tion­al­ity (if you want to pause, rewind, or watch Catch Up and Box Of­fice you need one de­coder per tele­vi­sion set), it is more ad­vanced, of­fer­ing greater choice and in­ter­net ca­pa­bil­ity. In­stal­la­tion of these units is out­sourced.

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