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Can’t stom­ach pu­trid ser­vice


I HAVE reached the end of my tether at the ex­tremely shoddy ser­vice (to say the least) pro­vided by the Voy­ager Com­pan­ion book­ing department.

At noon I phoned Voy­ager, with the aim of mak­ing a com­pan­ion book­ing. Af­ter be­ing on hold for 30 min­utes, I asked my sec­re­tary to fax Voy­ager ex­plain­ing my frus­tra­tion at the lack of re­sponse to my call – while still be­ing on the phone. An­other 15 min­utes elapsed but again there was no re­sponse – at which point I put the phone down. Then at 2pm I tried again and, af­ter wait­ing an­other hour, I hung up.

I made an­other at­tempt at 5.30pm and had to hang up af­ter 40 min­utes be­cause of a lack of re­sponse. A fur­ther at­tempt was made at 7.10pm – to no avail af­ter wait­ing for 25 min­utes. A fi­nal at­tempt was made at 8pm and it was once more an ex­er­cise in fu­til­ity, in spite of wait­ing for 30 min­utes. All the while I had to lis­ten to some bor­ing mu­sic. In the end I had to aban­don the en­tire ex­er­cise.

Voy­ager’s let­ter to me glibly men­tions that the Com­pan­ion ticket would be ob­tained by phon­ing 0860 003 145. I even tried the al­ter­nate num­ber (011 978 1234), to no avail. What the Voy­ager team failed to state was the ex­treme frus­tra­tion one has to face in or­der to at­tempt to speak to a con­sul­tant and that one may have to aban­don the process due to a lack of re­sponse.

There is lit­tle doubt that, based on this ter­ri­ble ex­pe­ri­ence, the Voy­ager team epit­o­mises in­com­pe­tence, in­ef­fi­ciency and a shoddy work ethic.

At this junc­ture I am re­view­ing my Voy­ager credit card sta­tus be­cause I find it dif­fi­cult to stom­ach such pu­trid ser­vice as has been shown by the Voy­ager team on Oc­to­ber 12. Ma­homed AK Omar

Ge­orgie: SAA was in­ves­ti­gat­ing the mat­ter and promised to re­spond but com­ment hadn’t ar­rived in time for pub­li­ca­tion.

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