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Buthelezi leaves big shoes to fill

- Thebe Moko­keng

INKOSI Man­go­suthu Buthelezi spent years groom­ing a con­tin­gent of young lead­ers in the IFP. This has been a life­time task.

He did not take short cuts. For those who claim to be ready to take the IFP one step fur­ther, the time is grad­u­ally ap­proach­ing for them to prove their met­tle.

The big­gest ques­tions to ask are: are they ready to lead? Have they learnt enough from him? Are they will­ing to em­u­late his track record that has no cor­rup­tion and mal­ad­min­is­tra­tion? Will they walk an ex­tra mile in lis­ten­ing to the poor­est of the poor?

Will they re­spect the masses within and out­side the IFP ranks? Will they play the ball in­stead of play­ing the man? Will they op­pose with re­spect with­out be­ing ar­ro­gant?

Will they have the vi­sion to lead this party and the coun­try? Will they be prag­ma­tists who face things as they are? Do they have a pro­gramme of ac­tion in de­vel­op­ing peo­ple on the ground? Will they have the in­ter­est of peo­ple at heart?

Many within the IFP ranks have been call­ing for Shenge to step down, but the ques­tion is: are they ready or do they just think that it is easy to lead such a party?

Will they sac­ri­fice fam­ily life to build firm bridges of ac­cep­tance and un­der­stand­ing for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions?

Prince Buthelezi will leave very big shoes to fill! Dur­ban

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