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Time to start following dreams


He might not have got a distinctio­n, but university entrance will help him fulfil his dream of becoming an author.

Now that high school is over for Clayton-john Nkosi, the time is nigh for him to complete his novel and work towards becoming a successful writer.

This Bishop Bavin School pupil from Dlamini, Soweto, will either go to Rhodes University in Grahamstow­n or start his literature studies at Wits University this year.

Unlike many of his school mates, Clayton-john had to travel more than 25km to school in Bedfordvie­w, leaving home at 6am with his mother every morning and arriving back at 7pm.

“There was nothing wrong with that. I had activities to do or extra lessons to attend after school,” he said.

He played basketball and was also involved in chess.

“Most people find chess boring, but I love it. Every move in the game has a repercussi­on and is mentally challengin­g,” he said.

English was the subject he enjoyed the most.

“English lessons were remarkable. You can put thoughts in words and express your feelings in writing. King Lear by Shakespear­e was an amazing work I read at school,” he said.

Clayton-john said he loved writing, particular­ly fantasy stories and poetry, which he did in his spare time.

Today’s IEB matric results have caused him anxiety throughout the holidays.

“I have doubts about the outcome. The science examinatio­n paper was ridiculous,” said Clayton-john, who would know only this morning if he had made it.

“I can’t believe my high school years are over,” he said.

“The pupils were awesome to be around. We came from different places but we were all the same. It’s sad we are parting ways now, and for some it might be for good.”

 ??  ?? ON HIS WAY: Clayton-john Nkosi, who passed matric at Bishop Bavin School.
ON HIS WAY: Clayton-john Nkosi, who passed matric at Bishop Bavin School.

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