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Mountain erupts: ashes reach 2 500m


JAKARTA: Mount Sinabung in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province erupted at 7.47am local time yesterday, belching thick gray ashes 2 500m from its peak, the Volcanolog­y and Geological Hazard Mitigation Centre said.

“This eruption was recorded on a seismograp­h with a maximum amplitude of 90mm and a duration of 246 seconds,” centre officer Armen Putra said.

At 3.42am local time, Sinabung also erupted, spewing thick ashes 1 000m for 150 seconds.

The centre recommende­d people not move to areas within a radius of 3km from the peak. It also urged people to avoid rivers originatin­g from the volcano and to wear masks when going outside so that dangerous volcanic ashes will not be inhaled into their lungs.

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