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Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa’s former group chief executive officer, Lucky Montana, gave his testimony at the Zondo Commission regarding his R37 million worth of properties yesterday



Montana comes across as a very credible witness. No exaggerati­on, deflection or selective amnesia on his part as it has been, with many other witnesses. #StateCaptu­reInquiry


Lucky Montana has demonstrat­ed that he has been willing and ready to assist the #StateCaptu­reInquiry


Lucky Montana is here today telling his story.

#StateCaptu­reInquiry #StateCaptu­reCommissi­on


Almost everyone comes to the commission and denies allegation­s against them. I wonder what will happen in the end #StateCaptu­reInquiry


#StateCaptu­reInquiry Lucky

Montana must now explain his two bonds worth R25 million in property.


Lucky Montana is dealing with Mr Soni at the #StateCaptu­reInquiry


I really like listening to Lucky Montana, it is about time somebody deals with these leaders. #StateCaptu­reInquiry

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Lucky had shaken the commission today.#StateCaptu­reInquiry


More than three months has been wasted by allowing some witnesses to waffle on and on just to give them undeserved rights which sometimes threatened and undermined evidence.#StateCaptu­reInquiry


It appears that Lucky has been very factual, especially up to this point. #StateCaptu­reInquiry

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